Take a Trip to Toronto

This incredibly multicultural city is a true global melting pot, jam-packed with so many attractions that you simply won’t have enough time to see them all, no matter how long you plan to stay.

TorontoThe city’s air hub, Pearson International Airport, handles all of the domestic and international flights into the area. Located about an hour away from the downtown area by car, the airport is well-connected to the city by taxi and shuttle bus. Toronto also has regular trains and bus connecting it from the United States and all the major cities of Canada.

There are enough world-class attractions in this city to fill a month-long visit, and they are scattered all over the sprawling metropolis area. Some of the top museums, galleries and cultural centers are situated Toronto, and there are some fine theater, music and arts performances that you will find in the whole country. But perhaps what makes this city so interesting is the mosaic of ethnicity which is evident everywhere you turn. The neighborhoods, markets and wonderful Harbor front area are worth some serious exploration.

After dark, Toronto comes alive with a thriving nightlife scene, full of live music, pool halls and cocktail bars. The residents of Toronto definitely enjoy going out for a drink, as the city’s amazing bar scene will testify. Broadway shows, ballet, opera and classical concerts are also on hand throughout the year.

Though it’s unlikely you’ll have time to get out of this engaging city, a visit to Niagara Falls is always at the top of visitors’ must see lists. There are also some interesting historical parks nearby as well as the impressive Great Lakes.

Toronto is serious about sports, and is home to a number of professional teams in the realm of baseball, basketball, American football and of course, ice hockey. Horse racing and motorcar racing are also very popular, as is golf. For a little individual activity, head to the vast waterfront area along Lake Ontario where you can walk, bike, roller blade and sail.